Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Business of Writing: Individuality

Our individuality is expressed in the way we write - in the genre we choose to write in, the characters we develop, the tone and voice of our writing, and everything else that goes into our fiction. That's not to say our writing is at all about us, but the choices we make in choosing the words we put on the page and the way we choose to tell our stories is.  No two people would ever tell a story the same way. 

Similarly, when we create a business plan for ourselves (or choose not to), that also is an choice we have to make as an individual.  Like the writing of a novel or short story, there are innumerable choices to be made.  Just because one person goes in one direction with their choice doesn't mean that's the right decision for another person. 

I think we have to bring our individual talents to the table for the business side of writing and need to have the confidence that the choices we make for ourselves are the right choices even if someone else is saying to do something else - and that includes every word I've written here in this series of posts. 

The great thing about being a writer right now is you don't have to live by their rules anymore.  (I know Bill Murray said that somewhere - maybe Groundhog Day?)


  1. Groundhog Day is still in your head, isn't it? I really started something with my G post this week.
    Each of us has our own paths and what works for one might not work for another. I'm very happy where I am at right now.

  2. There have never been so many choices for a writer looking to get published. I honestly would be happy finding an agent…or not. There are so many pros and cons of traditional and independent publishing that I'm going to have to do some deep soul searching on how I want to proceed when this revision is done. But maybe that's just me. :P

  3. I don't like rules, unless I make them up myself. My work is research and my hobby is writing (among other things), which makes room for quite some individuality >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. I agree--individuality is so important in being *happy* while writing. Rules are ok here and there, but when trying to conform to every single thing, it becomes more like a job than a loved way of life. Nicely written!

  5. So true. Although there are still rules, they have broadened. And now individuality is more important than ever. :)