Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Business of Writing: Hone Your Skills

If you an aspiring writer like me, make it your business to hone your skills, improve your writing, do things that inspire you and feed your creativity.  Take classes if you can and get feedback from critique partners.  Local organizations in your area that offer writing classes might offer free samplers. Start a writing group of your own.  Take every opportunity to improve your writing skills. It's what you would do if you were working at a regular job - it's what your boss would expect of you.

Whatever you learn, whether it's a way to improve dialogue or a formatting detail, apply it to everything you've written.  Be excellent.

(Yes, this is another pep talk for myself!)


  1. And understand, you will always be learning. No one ever arrives.

  2. Love your ideas!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  3. And a pep talk for me, too! Agreed: keep those skills sharp as a knife via exercises and regular writing. Apply what you've learned...that's why you learned it! Another good pep from you, lady!

  4. I could use the pep talk too. Thanks, Tonja. :)