Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Business of Writing: Grants for Individuals

In my grant-writing class, I was given the opportunity to do something I didn't expect: write a grant proposal to fund my own research.  The Foundation Center has a Grants for Individuals database.  I am pretty sure it's not available for free.  If you want to access it, you may need to find a university or public library that has a full subscription. 

I write historical fiction and have plans for at least three research trips over the next year. When I searched for funding sources specifically for individuals doing historical research, I didn't find many.  But there are plenty for authors.  And lots for writers like me - not yet published older mommies.  However, there are apparently a lot of us, so the competition is fierce.  Once you apply, you have to wait a while to reapply for most of grants. 

I compiled a list of the grants that I may apply for down the line once I actually get something impressive on my CV (besides my vast experience as a software developer/nerd, which doesn't help at all). 

If anyone is interested, I can do some posts about the specific opportunities later (not just the ones for middle-aged mommy types of people).  Have you ever thought about applying for a grant to fund your writing?


  1. I knew there were grants out there for writers but never looked for them. Might be interesting if you posted some of them. (Ones you're not pursuing, of course!)

  2. Yes. Please post about where to find these grants.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  3. Wow, I had no idea these types of grants were available. I hope you get one if you end up applying down the road.

  4. Tonja, what an excellent idea, applying for grants to fund writing. I'm also jazzed that you're applying for some--I hope you get some funds to help with your trips!

  5. They do this pretty generously over in Wales from what I understand. They actually fund the arts while they are being created. Crazy, huh?

  6. Grant writing is crazy hard. That's so cool that you sourced that list. Awesome!