Friday, November 25, 2011

Possibilities for NaNoWriMo

I have two days this weekend all to myself, two days to work on my NaNoWriMo novel without interruption from anyone but myself.  I am hopeful Sunday will be peaceful too and will be a good day to write.

The last time I wrote for a long period of time all at once, I aggravated a back injury.  This weekend, I'm going to be more careful.  I'm going to be very conscious of my posture and take lots of breaks.  The chapters in this novel are relatively short and should take about an hour to write.  If I write a chapter and then take a break to stretch and maybe clean a little, I could have a very productive weekend.  I could probably squeeze in a nap or get a good night sleep.  That would be awesome.

The only trouble is I woke up with a headache, a mild one, but one that might turn evil and debilitating quickly.  That will be a dealbreaker if it happens.

I haven't written for several days, but I figured out a new ending and mapped it out, the entire plot from where I am now on Chapter 16 through the ending, Chapter 42.  I hate to do the math on that and see how many hours are ahead of me if I can write a chapter an hour but I can't stop myself.  Twenty-six chapters, twenty-six hours to go.  Yikes.

My novel is roughly 15,600 words right now.   The remaining chapters will need to be about 1300 words each to add up to 50K words. 

I will have to write six chapters a day this weekend and then 2.6 chapters a day Monday-Wednesday to finish NaNoWriMo under the wire.  It's not likely, not if my headache gets worse.  But it's possible.  The possibility is very motivating today.  I just need to get everyone out of the house. 

My husband was really cute yesterday when I told him the ending of the novel, a novel I almost scrapped because the subplot took over and the ending no longer made sense.  He loved it and was so proud of me that I could completely revise the structure of the thing overnight - I was definitely plotting in my sleep.

I'm not sure pride is the right word.  He was genuinely happy for me, in awe of the fact I did this, and more excited about it than I was.  After a very disappointing reaction from one of my family members when I said I finished my last novel, my husband's support means everything.  I write this weekend for him.  For me too and for the competitive part of me that really wants to win, but also for him because I know he's cheering for me.


  1. Take some Tylenol and write like a madwoman today! Stop before serious back injury though.

  2. Alex - Great advice! I took the tylenol, stretched twice, and wrote two chapters - 2500 words. Time for a long break. Maybe a nap.

  3. You can do it! I hope things are progressing well. I'm sure having your husband's support means everything to you. My wife tries to be supportive, but I'm sure she'd secretly be happier if I'd just quit writing and took up carpentry or something.

    My nano novel is going to take a huge burst in the end for me to get it done. I'm pretty far behind right now. Here's to hoping we get there together.

  4. Rusty - I got to just over 20 thousand words, about 4000 words today. Apparently that's my limit. I hope you find the energy spurt you need. If not, we can always finish in December, right?

  5. I completely understand about those headaches. I get migraines so bad sometimes they make me sick to my stomach.

  6. Go, Tonja! I'm rooting for ya. Woot, woot!

    Hope your headache didn't get worse. And TAKE BREAKS! I suffer if I don't, too. So do it. Get up and walk around.

  7. Shelly - I've been spared from the migraine so far. I think the Halloween chocolate did me in at the beginning of the month.

    MPax - Thanks. I wrote a lot last night and just didn't feel like it today. I did take a break between each chapter - it does help.