Monday, November 28, 2011

NaNoWriMo Burn Out

One thing I learned this month is that I am capable of writing four thousand words a day - not much more than that.  At the 4000th word, I get loopy and my story starts going in strange places.  And then for two days I don't want to write.  And there's no amount of encouragement or positive energy anyone can throw me that will make me want to write. 

It's kind of like eating a quart of ice cream in one day or at one sitting (not that I've done that).  I would enjoy it while I was eating it, but there's no way I would want to have anymore for a very long while. 

I definitely prefer writing at a pace of a chapter a day, 1000-2000 words.  That is definitely more sustainable for me. 


  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes two. Or, sometimes I do chunks of time 3 hours of marathon writing, then a couple hours of housework, another 2 hour chunk of writing, then off to the grocery store...this is how my days off are like. The days I work, I get out about two hours of writing.

  2. Alex - Very true.

    Shelly - That's great if you can write for two hours on days you work.

  3. NaNo can be really good for showing us what we're capable of doing and what we're comfortable doing. I can push myself really far and write a TON some days, and then other days I'm good getting out a short amount. But those days when I write and write and write, I do feel very loopy by the end of it!