Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finding Peace

It seems  like I'm always searching for something, a break from the constant chaos, a little bit of peace. 

I found it today when I wasn't looking for it at all.  My teen was napping on the couch.  The boys were building a race track in the basement.  I decided to make an organic vegetarian dinner for myself with more appetizing options for the kids and my husband. 

I measured and poured water and brown rice.  I rinsed red lentils until the water ran clear.  I ran my fingers through the bowl of tiny orange disks and pulled out a few pieces of debris.  I heated the water for the lentils, set the timer, and waited. 

The house was completely quiet except for the patter of cold rain on the kitchen window and the occasional grind of the sump pump. 

I felt completely relaxed and at peace and noticed it.  I was left with an overwhelming feeling that things are going to get easier. 

I wish I could hold onto this moment forever. 

I definitely need to cook more.


  1. Waiter, I'm ready to order!
    Glad you found a moment of peace.

  2. Oh, what a nice moment! Those are rare, and even more rare to notice and enjoy them while they are happening. Sounds like a little spiritual infusion, so I'm glad for you!