Saturday, November 19, 2011

Must Write Now....

I have four days where I have the potential to write 3000 words a day and recover lost time on my NaNo novel. 

I just found myself writing a long, thought out blog post instead of just writing my story.  No time for long thoughts.  Must make my characters nearly die in a car wreck....


  1. Ooooh...may distractions find someone else in this time so that you can succeed.

  2. Michael - Distractions did find me, but I wrote 2000 words so far.

    Alex - My characters are bad drivers. They survived with no injuries.

    Shelly - I'm making progress in 30 minute increments. I still have a few hours tonight. Fingers crossed that my little guy will sleep.

  3. good luck on your NaNo novel....