Sunday, November 20, 2011

Laundry and Writing, Writing and Laundry

Yesterday, I was able to write 2000 words of my NaNo novel.  My characters had two near death moments in one chapter.  They are young adults and really need to be more careful if they're going to make it to the end of the story.

I have more shenanigans planned for my characters in the chapters I'm going to write today.  I just passed 12,000 words.  My goal for the day is 3000 more words, although I hope I can do 5K. 

I have the whole story planned out in my mind, but have details jotted down for the next fifteen chapters.  That's definitely more than 15K words.  It would be super if I could power through these fifteen chapters in the next three days and fifteen more next weekend.  Who needs Christmas shopping when you have a novel to write? 

I also have about eight loads of laundry to do today and even more folded laundry to put away.  I am very disciplined on laundry day and always manage to get all of it done if I set my mind to it.  Today, my plan is to write a chapter, switch the laundry, write a chapter, switch the laundry.  I know my back won't cooperate with me sitting for that many hours, even with a break between chapters, so it may be more like:  Load washer, write, stretch, repeat.

It is supposed to rain today and looks very gloomy out the window near my desk.  It's a good day to write.


  1. Eight loads? We don't even do that in a week.

  2. Laundry is my weakness.....I hope you accomplish all that you want....Good Luck!!

  3. Alex - You need some babies. :)

    Keena - I'm assuming, weakness meaning you hate it, not like 'chocolate is my weakness.'

  4. I made it to 4000 words. Good enough.

  5. I love writing on gloomy, rainy days. Snow is good too, even though I complain about it. :P

    4000 words is incredible! I did 1000 and was jumping for joy yesterday.

  6. You sound like a woman on a mission. I'm impressed.

  7. LG - It was a great day to write. 1000 words is awesome! I've only written something like 8 days this month. I think it would be better to write 1000 a day.

    Missed Periods - Love your name, by the way. I failed my laundry mission. Oh well. At least I got through the kids' sheets.