Friday, November 18, 2011

Movie in My Mind

I am well behind schedule on my NaNo novel.  So far behind that I probably won't make the 25K mark by the end of the month...maybe...but probably not. 

Usually when I am in the midst of writing a first draft, the scene of the chapter I'm about to write plays in my head in the early morning like a movie I've seen a thousand times.  Then I write it. 

But this morning, the movie in my mind is this:  I'm making homemade cheese- and spinach-filled whole wheat ravioli.  I'm taking my kids to the store tonight to buy Christmas lights to replace the ones my husband believes he knows the location of but can never find before it's too late.  I let my kids pick out the lights, and we decorate the outside of the house before my husband gets home.  Then we spend the evening experimenting with making pasta and pie crust.  The babes helps to make a big cookie shaped like a gingerbread man, which he's been dying to do since we bought the pan.  He dumps the ingredients that we carefully measure and tries to stir it but needs help.  When the cookie is done, he covers it with a mess of icing and candies.  It's family bliss.

It won't happen that way.  It never does.  But I'm hopeful the reality of this evening will come close to the vision in my mind.  I care way more about that than my NaNo novel. 


  1. I hope that movie happens for you today!
    And that's how I plan out a scene as well.

  2. Yup. Family things come first. Sometimes we just have to put down our pens and keyboards.

  3. I like this,and who knows today might be the day when your movie becomes reality!

  4. Alex - Me too. It's probably bad to have high expectations though.

    Shelly - I did a chapter summary a couple of nights ago so I don't forget what I wanted to have already written....

    Paul - Fingers are crossed. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. My nano project has been stuck at 4k for the last two weeks. I think I can pretty much say I'm out of the count. Not even sure if I'm going to finish the story. Not feeling it! lol Oh well! Planning and plotting (aka, daydreaming)is one of my favorite parts of writing a novel.

  6. Sounds like a good day!

    The writing can wait. Some days you just have to be in the present. :)

  7. My nano tale has been a challenge for me too. I'm still holding out for a big finish, but if I fall much further behind it will be hopeless. Enjoy the family - that sounds like good times.

  8. Creepy - Maybe a couple of days of plotting is what you need.

    LG - It was a great day. We found the lights my husband bought last year still in unopened packages. We didn't put them up yet, but I had a great afternoon with my kids.

    Rusty - Good luck with your novel.

  9. Love your nice, airy background.