Saturday, November 5, 2011

Exciting News

Exciting News!

I got an offer to host a guest blog post next week from one of my favorite bloggers, the guy that keeps me writing on days I want to give up, Kid in the Front Row

I am honored that he chose me to post his writing.  He sent me a touching piece that I'm certain you all will love.  I'm not sure my little blog is worthy of his post - Kid has won a Weblog award, and I think I found him on a Blogger's Blogs of Note - if not, he should be there.  His offer to guest post is an unexpected gift - it definitely made my day.

NaNo Update: 

I didn't write a word two out of four November days this week, so I'm behind schedule, but my headache seems to be all better this morning (for now).  I have lots of time to write this weekend and am certain I can (mostly) get caught up on my NaNo novel.

Overall, things are looking up today. 

Part of me is waiting for anvils to fall from the sky, for the universe to notice that everything is going well.  Maybe today will simply be easy.  Now that I wrote that I'm waiting for some crazy unexpected injury that will end in a visit to the emergency room - no days are easy with three kids. 


Review of Captain America.


  1. Hope the sky stays where it ought to for you and that the universe is looking the other way today.

  2. Uh, the universe tripped my husband with a bowl of chunky salsa in his hand. In my family room with beige carpet. Salsa literally hit the wall, me, and everything (except his open laptop) within a 14 foot radius. Needed new carpet anyway....

  3. How exciting about the guest post; I'm going to check out that other blog now.

    Oh and I love your blog so much, I added it to my blogroll :)

  4. Elisabeth - Thank you so much! I love yours too.