Sunday, November 6, 2011

Minor Disasters

Yesterday, I wrote in part about how I was worried the universe would get me.  I hid inside behind my laptop trying to get caught up on my NaNo word count after not writing a word for two days due to a brutal migraine.

Here's how the universe played games with me yesterday:

1.  I got the full vision for a different story while mapping out (literally) the locations for my NaNo story using Google Maps.  So I spent an hour and probably 2000 words jotting down my ideas for several chapters and the overall structure while not writing 2000 words of my NaNo novel.  (I did end up writing 1800 words of my NaNo story and am still behind by about 2000 words.)

2.  I needed to do some research on how to drive a stick because my character tries and fails at it (it's literary).  So I asked my husband who was outside having a snack while sweeping off the deck with my babes.  The neighbors are hard workers and were grinding a tree stump.  I feared my migraine would come back from the noise, so I asked him to come inside.  He apparently felt he needed the snack, chips and salsa, so he brought it in with him.  The universe tripped him just inside the door, and chunky salsa pelted the whole room. 

Eight ounces of salsa went airborne and splattered the far left wall, the kitchen floor on the far right, covered the mess of toys on the floor - cars, marbles, a toy air craft carrier filled with marbles, and Legos - my only pair of jeans, the beige carpet, the beige cloth chair, and the red leather chair that perfectly camouflaged the salsa chunks.  His work laptop was open but was magically spared.  The babes enjoyed the show and was untouched.  He was quite entertained by my husband and I crawling around on the floor with wet paper towels searching for bits of salsa.  He asked for a snack.

3.  Later, I made the cheesecake I had promised I would make, mostly as a stress-reducing activity for me.  The first ingredient to go into the blender was lemon gelatin.  The second was cream cheese.  I measured the cream cheese and plopped - yes, plopped - it into the blender.  Yellow gelatin flew up into the air and covered my kitchen cabinets and countertop.  My husband said what I thought:  "At least it wasn't salsa."  So true.

And on and on....

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Tomorrow I will have an awesome guest post. 

I will do a review of Captain America later in the week - because I have about 3800 words to write today.  I will be happy when I finish 1800 and may just stop there.


  1. It's not funny when it's happening but it makes a great story later. I'm wondering who ratted you out to the universe?

  2. I learned how to drive on my mom's five speed Honda civic. Let me know if you want some horror stories about stalling at four way stop signs!

  3. Stephanie - There's no hiding. :)

    August - Definitely. Remind me to ask you to proof read the chapter.

    I got a little more than 1800 words done today and I'm loving my story!

  4. Er, well, at least your kitchen got a good cleaning this weekend. *ducks and runs*

    Oh, and Captain America is next on my Netflix queue. :)