Friday, October 28, 2011

Overfilled Weekend

It's going to be one of those weekends where I have too much to do, starting today actually.  I really want to do some pre-Halloween things with my kids.  Maybe the rest can slide until next weekend.  It's super cold outside, the first day there's been frost on the car. 

Photo of the Day:
First, I promised pictures, so I'll share one of my daughter took this past weekend.  She took four hundred more pictures since the first hundred and offered to be the official photographer of my blog.  The photography class at her school has a reputation for having a lot of hours of homework. I have heard lots of warnings from parents that she shouldn't consider the class, but I think she would enjoy every minute of it. 

We have no pumpkins.  I definitely need to make an emergency pumpkin run today.  My older kids have a tradition with their dad where they carve the pumpkins with him.  I am not a fan of sticky goo, so that works for me.  I'm all for purchasing the pumpkins and sending them on their way.  My daughter is an artist, so her pumpkin is always something unexpected and ridiculously cool. My middle son tends to do something funny.  I'm going to get a small one for my babes and let him paint on it, which should make him happy.

We have a spooky Halloween thing close to our house for the older kids.  My daughter has been wanting to take my middle son all month, but there's been something else going on every evening they've been open.  Hopefully they can do it tonight. 

My laundry pile is out of control even though I do laundry every single day and have a seriously huge front-loading washer and dryer. I will never ever reach a point where the laundry is done. I must accept what I can't control. 

There's about a dozen other mission critical things that needed to be done three weeks ago that just didn't get done before my husband left town.  At this point, I accept defeat.

Edits of WIP and Writing Class:
I still have five of nine chapters to edit.  Hopefully I can find some writing bliss this weekend between loads of laundry. 

I had a very bad writing class this week - not the critique group, that was awesome and very helpful as always.  There was a complaint session before the small group breakout that I could have lived without.  One person looked right into my eyes and directed her complaint at me.  WTF?

Negative energy does not engender good writing.  I'm not going to let this get in the way of finishing my novel, but I think I will not be attending this class next term.   

I'm excited about NaNoWriMo next week.  A lot of people that have posted about it seems kind of nervous and stressed out.  I think it will be fun.  If it isn't, I will delete myself as if it never happened (hopefully there's a Delete Me button on the site).  If you are there, I am Tonja.  It's good to have a name that's non-standard.  My plan is to just write and track my progress.  It's my first time, so I don't know what the Buddy thing is all about.  It will be fun to see.

I think it's odd that they planned this during Thanksgiving.  One of you mentioned January would be better - I totally agree.  Am I really going to cook and write on Thanksgiving day and just ignore my kids while they are off school on break?  Not likely.  Hopefully I can get in a surplus of words at the beginning of the month.

I'm sure I mentioned I used to be a software developer.  When you write code, less is more.  Fewer lines of code means you were efficient, and theoretically the application should have better performance and require less support as a result. 

It's odd to me that an excess of words is equated with success in writing.  I get it that the success is preliminary - and that the editing phase includes cutting out unnecessary words.  For me it would make more sense for full functionality to be the goal without the word count playing a role at all. 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Am doing NaNo this year again. My goal is simply to exceed last year's and to enjoy the craziness of it all. Good luck T. May the force be with you!

  2. Skip that class! You don't need the crap. And then ignore the laundry and edit. If your family gets desperate, they'll do the wash for you.

  3. I keep trying to teach the cats to do laundry and chores. Siiigh.

    If something derails you, as Alex said, skip it. Or learn to tune it out. If the negatives outweight the positives, stop.

  4. I love the picture! She's really good. And I'm excited for you to do NaNo!

  5. I join you in lamenting the busy weekend. Instead of doing stuff I should I'm just catching up on blogs.

  6. Blue - We should celebrate any amount of writing we get done. Something is better than nothing.

    Alex - I would except I promised one friend I would do it with her. Can't leave her there listening to everyone complain because I'm not there. Only 3 or 4 left - I'll survive it. And no one did the dishes.

    MPax - That would be awesome. I need one of those cats. I opted to take the high road on the class issue - I feel good about that.

    Peggy - Thank you! I will pass that on.

    Rusty - I got a migraine and slept pretty much until now. I'm kind of screwed.