Thursday, October 27, 2011

Serpent Mound

This past weekend, my daughter went on a little college road trip.  If you've been following me here, you know I haven't been able to do road trips for a very long time.  We left with the understanding that if things went bad for my foot or back or anything in between, we would abandon the mission.

About half way there, my daughter noticed signs for Serpent Mound.  Did I mention I bought a new camera that she instantly fell in love with?  She took one hundred pictures.  Here are a few.

She thought the Amish buggy sign was fascinating.  I have to admit I've never seen one of these signs either. 

I remember going to Serpent Mound when I was in 5th grade.  Fifth grade teachers still make a big deal of it.  Serpent Mound is an American Indian burial ground.  The dead were buried with mounds of earth over them.  The whole thing is shaped like a serpent.  It's a very cool concept, but definitely seemed larger to me when I saw it as a child.

My daughter took lots of pictures of signs and trees.

If you click on the last picture, you should be able to read the history of Serpent Mound and see the full picture of the serpent embedded in the ground.  I imagine a very artistic American Indian planned this out and jotted the design in the dirt with a twig, someone a lot like my daughter.



  1. Cool but not as ambitious as burying someone in a pyramid of rock that took an entire civilization and lasts thousands of years. But I can see how a pile of earth in the shape of a curved tube can be a distraction for a while. What would have been more interesting would have been to bury the men in phallic tubes of earth and the women in enormous spheres. That would have left us pondering for centuries.

  2. Michael - There aren't gaint rocks here, so no pyramids.... Just mounds of dirt.

  3. So intriguing! Isn't it amazing how different areas are so beautiful in their uniqueness. :0)

  4. Fascinating! At least it's still there and someone hasn't built an apartment complex on the land.

  5. Such artistry in these photographs. Your daughter is a very talented person.

  6. One of the coolest places close to home.

  7. Elisabeth - I think so too.

    Alex - No apartments. No cell phone reception. The people were all super nice.

    Angela - Thank you! I will pass on the compliment. :)

    Blue - It was very peaceful. I want to go back with my husband and boys and go on the hiking trail.