Saturday, October 29, 2011


I once read that one of the signs of depression is Do-Nothingness, the lack of an urge to do anything.  I must not be depressed - I have the urge to do more than I can possibly do this weekend. 

Yesterday morning, I was at the store with my three-year-old, item one on my twenty-item lists of things to do that day.  He was pale and said his belly hurt real bad.  He was in the seat of the shopping cart and was pointed at me.  I asked if he thought he was going to puke.  He said, "Yes, but not through my nose."  (Reference to previous post in case you didn't get that.)

Everyone in line for the cash register heard him say he was going to puke, everyone waved us on to the front.  I'm not sure if they were being nice to him or to me or just didn't want to witness my little guy puking.  Either way, the unexpected kindness was very much appreciated. 

About an hour later, he was feeling better (and hadn't puked on me or my carpet) and I suddenly felt very ill.  An hour after that, I found myself laying on the living room floor with Sid the Science Kid in the background and a migraine. 

My husband came home and let me sleep.   I told him the kids could go to the Halloween thing that night.  I woke up when my kids came home and told them they could do the Halloween thing.  At least item two on my list would be done.  I went back to sleep.  While I slept, my husband told them they couldn't go.  He thought I wanted them to go on Saturday? 

Eventually I woke up with only a mild headache.  We rented movies and got really expensive but delicious frozen yogurt.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid had us all laughing out loud.  After the movie, my middle guy said he was going to puke.  My headache resumed, and I slept until 10:00 AM this morning. 

My house looks like a hoarder's house exploded into it - a hoarder with a lot of toys.  It's too sad for a picture.

One load of laundry was washed - and is probably sour now since it's still in the washer.  We have no pumpkins.  I didn't write or edit one word of anything.  Two loads of dishes are in the sink.  No food is in the fridge. 

I don't know where to start and kind of feel like sitting here at my desk with my back to my house.  I could simply avoid it.  But I can't.  So I will clean as quickly as I can so I will have time to edit later or at least go pumpkin shopping. 

Anyone else having a sucky weekend?


  1. Sorry about your sucky weekend. Sounds like you all have the creeping crud, as my dad used to call it. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. Weekend sounds like a do-over to me.
    I was supposed to trim the hedges, mow the lawn, and take care of all the outside work today. It's raining, so I can't. And I'm really happy about that!

  3. drove to NC to hike and letterbox in NC. racked my bad knee twice by failing to see that the leaves had drifted into a ginormous hole. AND I woke up to snow. On the good side I discovered a chocolate lounge that makes European hot chox.

  4. Alex - At least most of my first floor is clean. I did have fun watching Captain America with my son - great movie.

    Blue - That is not good when a road trip to NC goes bad. At least you have one good knee? I know it's not good to drive with a leg injury. Yikes. Chocolate makes everything better.