Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I watched Warehouse 13 last night.  It was a zombie episode.  I was having a rather bad day yesterday, and this cheered me right up.  I'm not sure why, but it was hilarious to me when the just-turned-zombies suddenly got the urge to devour flesh.  Actors pretending to eat live rats makes me laugh.  Well done. 

I have the potential to write new words today - those elusive chapters that are starting to make me feel like I have writer's block.  This morning after my kids leave the house for school, I'm going to just write it.  Enough already.  I have three hours including the time it takes to get a shower.  Wish me luck....  If my husband decides to work from home again, I'm gonna cry.  Or scream.  Or leave and write somewhere else, which will make me lose an hour.  Or give up for the day again and try again tomorrow...again.


  1. Don't give up. Find your happy space. Mine's the kitchen table no matter what is going on in the house. Invest in an I-Pod to block out the chaos in your world.

  2. Good luck with the writing! On those hard chapters you either need to power through or skip ahead and then come back to them. If I am in a WriMo, I skip, but otherwise I force it. They often need rewriting, but you can't rewrite until you write.

    I'm cracking up that the Zombies cheered you...

  3. Shelly - Great advice. I cleaned off my desk (like just moved all the stuff off of it to remove distractions, didn't really take time to clean). I'm going to try to go out to the coffee shop tonight. I did get a lot done this morning! :)

    Hart - These are the missing chapters in the middle. I keep working around them, but it's time to just power through even if it's crap the first go round.

    Laura - Thanks!!

  4. Don't scream! And I recorded Warehouse 13 but haven't watched it yet.

  5. Alex - I hope I didn't ruin it for you. It's my favorite episode for sure.

  6. I couldn't watch that episode! I had to leave the room. I had lots of editing to do, so maybe Warehouse 13 knew that. :D Yeah, right. I hate zombies, but I'm glad they cheered you.