Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Award

I recently got a One to Follow award from M Pax at Wistful Nebulae.  M Pax is an emerging science fiction writer.  She is several steps ahead of me (maybe more like a mile) and is very generous in giving solid advice to aspiring writers like me following in her shadows.  It means a lot to receive this award from her.  She has several short stories published through SmashWords.  I encourage you to check them out (linked from her site) if you haven't already.


I pass this one on to two outstanding, aspiring writers whose blogs I love to read.

One is August at Perfect Sand.  August doesn't post every day but every post is well thought out and meaningful. She puts effort into every word and inspires me to do the same (although I usually direct that extreme effort to my kids and the perpetual mountain of laundry and don't have as much left here).  August is working on a novel that I have had the pleasure of previewing.  I sincerely hope her book is immediately published when it's done so everyone will have the opportunity to read it too.

The second is Bryce at The Bryce Daniels Preservation Society.  Bryce is an amazing writer with a kindness and wit that made me an instant fan.  Unfortunately, he has somewhat dropped off the map to work on his manuscript.  Like August, he puts considerable effort into his posts.  It's worth waiting a week to read the next one.  Maybe we can convince him to do some mini posts so he has time to do more.


  1. Congratulations! I hadn't seen that award yet. I like it.

  2. Congrats on the award! I totally respect M Pax too.

  3. Thanks Tonja! Your continued support and encouragement is very much appreciated:) I look forward to reading all of your books!

  4. Yea, Tonja! You deserve more awards. :)

  5. Alex - Thanks!

    Peggy - Thank you. She's awesome.

    August - You actually have done more for my confidence and my writing than you know.

    M Pax - Thanks again. That's so swweet. :)