Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I need to disconnect for a while until I get my chapters done.  I am going to follow the lead of several of you and work on my neglected manuscript as a priority. 

I did get a lot done today.  I finalized the first third of my novel into a PDF so I can distribute it to my beta readers - one is going to read it on his Nook.  I made a very pretty cover (procrastination) and printed four copies (procrastination).  Once that was all done, I edited the four chapters that come before the spot where I need to insert four new ones.  I printed them off for my sanity (more procrastination).  Then I wrote four sentences of the new chapter I intended to write today, yesterday, last week, and last month.  (Four seems to be my number today.)  Four sentences is better than zero words....

At least I feel super organized about the work I need to do.  I have several chapters I need to tear apart and rearrange in the middle third of my novel.  Some of the text needs to go into the new chapters.  I need to work this all out first before I write that 5th sentence. 

I'm going to approach it like I'm fixing bad code in an application.  I'm going to mark up the sections (probably on paper and maybe with colored sharpies just for fun) that need to move and label them where they need to be inserted.  Then I can cut and paste it electonically (not actual glue).  That sounds crazy, but I think it will work.  It's definitely going to take some effort and time, but maybe it will take my mind off of worrying about what my beta readers will think about the first part of my story.... 

Maybe they think it sucks. 
Maybe they won't laugh at the funny parts. 
Or they'll think the tragic parts are super lame
Or, worse, they'll tell me they like it just to be nice.

The panic won't set in until I actually hand the chapters to people.  I am holding off on emailing one now - it's possible the lines above repeating in my mind will keep me from sleeping.  I really want to sleep tonight. 

I know all writers think these same things, so no worries - I'll survive.  I'm actually super excited to be at the point where I'm asking people to read my chapters and give honest feedback.  It's kind of cool to be this far and to know it's not good form to use the phrase "kind of."

I only have one morning - a total of three hours a week - to write over the next few weeks unless I want to use the super early morning hours to write (I don't).  I tried to write at PT, but it was not a good idea.  So I'm going to steal and hour here and a half hour there, the time I usually spend reading your blogs and commenting.  I'm sure you all will understand and would do the same thing.

Hopefully I can catch up on my blog reading on the weekends - or the early morning hours after I wake up child 1 and before I wake up child 2.  Once number 3 is up, my time is his.  But he's super cute, so it's not that bad of a thing.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and positive energy!


  1. Take a deep breath! It will be all right. Just do your best and let it go.
    Hope you're back soon!

  2. Don't freak. Remember they're trying to help you, so keep that in mind. Whatever your first reaction when you read the feedback, set it down a few days then come back.

    I've been working like a fiend, lately. Been thinking about scaling back my posts to 2x a week. Not any time soon, as the blog is booked up thru mid October. No rest for the ... ambitious. :)