Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have had yet another miraculous week.  I went to a new physical therapist.  My old one was super good, and I had some amazing improvement when I was there.  (I gave him my blog address, so I will be particularly kind to him here....)

The new PT discovered that my pelvis is tilted.  I used to have an obese dog with little legs and bad hips. She had a strange sideways wiggle when she walked.  I walk just like her. 

The new PT did some crazy moves on me to move it back.  He said that happens sometimes with multiple pregnancies - your joints loosen and sometimes go back together in unexpected ways.  (The men out there should be feeling very lucky right now.) 

Now that my pelvis is repositioned, I have been able to walk better - my back and hip are not one hundred percent, but my foot is profoundly better. 

My kids had their back-to-school schedule pickups this week.  The schools always make you walk through a little maze of tables, always on hard tile or concrete, the worst surface for my foot.  I normally need my cane and often abort the mission to find a chair when the pain gets to be too much.  

This week I stood in line at every station, walked all the way through to the end, and only got a chair at the very end - and only because the photographer was taking a very long time fussing with my daughter's green hair.  They take pictures for the photo ID and yearbook at the schedule pickup.  My sister was volunteering at one of the tables, so my littlest son and I sat next to her and watched my daughter while the woman kept trying to push her green bangs out of her eye.  As soon as she returned to the camera, the hair was back in her eye.  This went on for a while, and I was happy to have a chair.

At my son's school, which is a new school to him, we had to stand in line just inside the entrance, go to the cafeteria to pick up forms at several tables, and then find his classroom.  The school is so big, we needed a map to find his classroom.  Again, my foot was fine.  It didn't really hurt at all. 

I was feeling hopeless a couple of weeks ago - things were getting better but only to a point.  I was feeling like maybe that's the best it would get.  Now I'm feeling much more hopeful.

A couple of days ago, my husband told me his company is asking him to take two long trips to Africa over the next several months.  He said he told them we have a serious medical issue, and maybe he can't.  I looked at him and said with confidence that I actually think it will be OK.  I don't think he heard me - or maybe didn't believe me. 

So I'll say it again today - maybe more than once.   I'm going to be OK. 

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  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better. Since my fall, my foot has been hurting a little so I can sympathize with you. I am glad that your improving day by day!!!!