Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Trek Blogfest

Today Ellie Garratt is hosting the Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest.

Before I started to write this post, I thought I was a true Trekkie.  That was until my husband started quoting episode names and numbers. 

I'm sorry, the shows were just on TV when I was a kid.  The episode name and number wasn't on the TV.  We didn't have TiVo then - just regular TV - the kind with the knob that turned. 

So I can't quote you any numbers or titles, but I can tell you what I loved and hated about Star Trek, the TV shows and the movies.

What I loved:

1.  Scotty.  I loved his accent and how he always pulled through at the last minute.  I loved how excited he got when the engine was about to blow.  I loved how the camera shook to give you the feeling the ship was shaking - even though I could tell at five years old that was just the camera wiggling back and forth.

2.  The characterization of Uhura (I thought it was Ahora) in the latest movie.  There seemed to be some tension between her and the other characters.  I always suspected the thing in her ear was annoying her or maybe there was a race issue on set - but it was just her past love of Spock.  I love it!

3.  Any and all Klingon battle scenes.

4.  The episodes where the transporter malfunctions - I can think of nothing worse.

5.  The episode with the fuzz balls (my husband says they are called tribbles).  I am certain they inspired the Gremlin movies. 

6.  The episode with the green things that fly through the air at people's faces.  Terrifying.  I remember them screaming, but maybe that was me.  (Sorry - I don't remember the names of them even after my husband reminded me.) 

What I hated:

1.  The movie where they come to earth to save the whales.  I actually want some supernovas, black holes, battling aliens, anything but present Earth in my sci-fi.

2.   The episodes where they go back in time and end up talking to Abe Lincoln or whoever.  That's really annoying in sci-fi.  Even as a kid I knew they weren't trying hard enough.

3.  Bones.  He is way too crabby. 

4.  The episodes where Kirk is a lady's man.  Very creepy. 


  1. Well, I'll disagree with you on Bone's crabbiness. It was hilarious. But Kirk being a lady's man was a generational thing that we all could have lived without. Glad you joined the blogfest!

  2. Can't say I'm a Trekki. Have fun! I'll be around to read your stuff.

  3. I met Scotty in real life. James Doohan is a hoot and he has tons of accents that he can do (rather did)...I know he died a few years ago.

  4. Your reason to hate #4. That cuts out a lot of episodes. I mean, a whole lot. Your husband sounds like a very cool guy.

  5. I loved that episode with the green things flying around. That scared me as a kid, too. Scotty was the best. I liked McCoy. He was funny.

  6. Scotty was great bc he got to wear a kilt as his dress uniform. And the Best of List must inlcude Ricardo Montalban as Khan! And Pon Farr....anything that makes a rational being a raving lunatic makes for good TV.


  7. @Danette - My husband agrees with you about Bones. He said those were fighting words.

    @Shelly - I appreciate you stopping by anyway. I will be back to normal tomorrow. :)

    @Michael - That is awesome!

    @Rusty - He was really sleezy. My husband is very nerd cool, only fully appreciately by the super nerdy and teens (he has good gaming skills and enjoys death metal, whatever that is).

    @M Pax - That episode seems particularly plausible to me for some reason.

  8. You must think all of the original episodes are creepy then!
    And that episode with the flying creatures was Operation: Annihilate - my favorite old Trek episode.

  9. Thanks for throwing these in. I know Kirk seemed like a donkeys rear sometimes, still does I think. He improved in the movies. Sorry, I love time travel, guess it's because I'm an old soul - but that's for a different blog.

  10. Ooh, I <3 your hate list! I am so with you on those, babe! ;)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  11. I agree Scotty and Uhura were terrific. I love the whale movie, but I do love when they travel backward or forward in space. I wish Kirk had been this lady's man. :)

  12. I totally agree with you about the fourth film as well as with Kirk being creepy as a ladies man! Too funny!


  13. @Mary - I know everyone loves Khan, but I watched too much Fantasy Island as a child. I couldn't get past how strange he looked with a blond wig.

    @Alex - I only remember a few scenes that were particularly creepy - I probably repressed it. :)

    @Hutch - I like time travel too - those episodes just seemed kind of hokey to me, like they ran out of space-themed ideas. Time travel while on the Enterprise would have been cool. Or if they lost someone in time while out on another planet. (Maybe they did and I forgot that one.)

    @Elizabeth - It was probably a bad idea to do a hate list to be read by Trekkies. :)

    @Belle - Funny!

    @Jimmy - Thanks. I read your entry last night too and really liked it. I got a little trekked out last night and don't remember whose posts I left comments on.

    Live long....

  14. Yep, I think everyone can agree that the Save the Whales movie was their worst.

  15. @msmariah - All of the posts I read said they loved it. I don't get it.

  16. You don't like Kirk? Oh, well.

    I was always terrified when the green face appeared in the closing credits. I'd run and hide behind the sofa!

  17. Thanks for sharing in the blogfest with us. I generally prefer a space battle scene to Klingons running around with unwieldy Bat'leths, but different strokes. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  18. @Ellie - No, but I definitely have a thing for Spock. There was a green face?

    @Kelworthfiles - They didn't do space battle with Klingons? Which ones had the invisible ships? I thought that was Klingons. Romulans?