Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weeds - Part 2

I meant to follow up here on my weeds post a week or so ago.  I meant to report what the person from the fancy pants garden store told me about my creeping charlie - she laughed and told me good luck.  Maybe I just need to accept this defect in my yard and spend my efforts working on what I can improve.  The nerd in me makes the analogy to Star Wars.  You shouldn't try to take on Darth Vader before you are capable of taking out a few storm troopers.  It's true.

I am so excited it will finally be warmer today.  My small person is in screaming mode this morning.  I keep whispering at him, but that just makes him angry.  I think the outside air is what he needs.  He needs to run and scream outside.  Me too.  We have been cooped up in this house forever.  I keep checking the outside temperature - it's 44 now, a little too cold for me still. 

This morning we will power clean and then dig up some weeds.  I can't wait to put out the chairs and beach umbrella in the back yard next to my garden.  It is my favorite place to write.  I am very excited about tidying up my garden.  I love it.  We mixed together flowers, vegetables in raised gardens lined with paver stones, and playground.  It's perfect.

Last year we bought a tiny little greenhouse but planted the seeds too late.  Not one sprouted.  I'm not sure if it was the timing, the soil we used, or the thing where we left the little things in full sun in the greenhouse despite the instructions on the package.  OK, I'm sure it was all of those things put together.  This year, I am going to do my very best to follow directions. 

When I cook, I sometimes start with directions but usually wing it in the end.  I am not patient with directions.  They make me nervous, like one wrong move makes you a failure even if it turns out OK.  My husband is a huge fan of my impromptu cooking and often tries to write down the recipe for me.  He often gets out a recipe card and asks me to tell him what I did exactly.  I always reply with imprecise measurements.  Some of this and a little of that.  He looks at me with that look and throws away the recipe card.  It doesn't matter anyway, I don't like following directions, even my own - for cooking at least.

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