Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last week, it felt like late spring in Ohio.  This week, it feels like that was just a joke, and the warm weather is never really going to stay.  When I ventured outside last week to do a tiny bit of yard work, I realized something terrible happened.  The creeping charlie, a viney weed that at least is green enough to look like it could be grass from a distance, has somehow reactivated.  The vines left from last year are green and have taken over my front yard completely.

The irony is that they don't like my back yard.  My back yard is where my kids play.  I wouldn't even try to attack weeds in the back out of fear the chemicals would hurt my kids plus the thing where the kids are going to tear up the grass anyway.  But the weeds only grow in the front. 

I can't tell you the hours I've spent trying to make grass grow in my front yard.  Every year I say the same thing:  If it defeats me this year, I will call in the professionals next year.  But I never do, and this year is the same. 

I don't like defeat.  I truly believe that you can overcome any obstacle in life if you try hard enough.  Maybe it's the Irish immigrant in me that thought for sure they could grow crops in the Appalachain Mountains.  Maybe it's the shot glass full of proud Cherokee Indian that runs through my veins.  I cannot accept defeat. 

Today, I am going to take my tiny man on an adventure to the fancy pants garden store, the one that sells trees and has at least some people with degrees in horticulture or whatever it is that teaches you how to kill a creeping charlie.  Hopefully they will have something that's green, non-toxic, and won't hurt my garden bunnies.  Or something I can do instead of spray to get rid of the weed so my grass has a chance. 

Worst case, we can buy some seeds and plan our vegetable garden, which may just get my mind off of weeds for today.

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