Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogathons, Detox Diets and Inspiration

I feel happy today.  Another blog I'm following is doing a blogathon today.  The topic is 'The Film I Always Go Back To' - I almost did it, but enough already.  By the way, my film is 'The Empire Strikes Back' - I watch it when I can't sleep.  I find it amazingly comforting. It brings me back to the moment I saw it in the theatre, fell in love with Han Solo and had a perfectly fun time with my family.  I think I saw it with both families separately - both my mom and my dad took us - at least that's how my sketchy memory remembers it.  In my mind, I feel like we all saw it together. 

When I was pregnant with my middle child, he was the one that was quiet during the day and was awake and wiggling just as my eyes got sleepy.  So I talked to him for a while, especially when my belly got large - and then I turned on 'The Empire Strikes Back' night after night after night.  Before the opening snow scene was over, my baby and I were out cold for the night every time.   Maybe I need to break it out tonight - I've been battling insomnia lately.

I wanted to report that I am headache free on day two of my detox diet (see yesterday's post).  I didn't eat much yesterday, but had amazing energy in the evening - maybe it was a high from getting my characters and plot solidified for my next novel - maybe the guy at the coffee shop slipped regular coffee into my ridiculously complicated latte order:  tall soy sugar-free caramel latte - then I screamed DECAF, DECAF!  after he already keyed in the order.  I laughed when he called out my order - it was good and didn't seem like it violated the detox thing too much.  I could be wrong.

Here's the diet in a nutshell:  wake up and drink two glasses of filtered water, one with half of an organic lemon squeezed into it (you get used to it); wait thirty minutes and eat one whole organic fruit - that's your only sweet thing for the day so eat it slow; wait thirty and eat a bowl of a whole grain like brown rice or oatmeal - but with no sugar on it - I sprinkled pumpkin spice and used a tiny, tiny bit of butter; for lunch a bowl or two of one or two steamed vegetables; repeat for dinner plus a protein.  Throughout the day, but not while eating the "meals," you are supposed to drink water and green tea like crazy.  Take a vitamin at a meal.  Apparently vitamin C helps with caffeine withdrawal if I remember that correctly. 

So what I wanted to say about the diet yesterday is my husband (who is the shopper in our family because of my lame foot) bought these amazing salmon steaks.  I gasped when I saw the price tag - $27.  I never spend that much for food I make myself.  But when I opened the package I wanted to eat it raw, it looked so perfect and pink and delicious.  I ordered pizza for my kids to celebrate some personal victories at school.  My husband and I ate the salmon with a salad (I wasn't organized enough to steam some veg).  We were in heaven.  I baked the steaks with only some fresh organic lemon juice and black pepper.  I can't imagine eating anything better.

So I think maybe the thing with losing weight is to plan really delicious meals.

As for inspiration, I do feel so inspired this week.  I feel inspired that so many people read my blog about how we shouldn't pretend to be writers, but should be writers.  My favorite quote from 'The Empire Strikes Back' is "Try not.  Do, or do not.  There is no try."  Today I will write a chapter.

I have this nagging feeling that in that post I may have violated a confidence, which we aren't supposed to do in class.  I intended only to dispute an idea about how we think about ourselves as writers, not call out any particular person in the class.  My apologies if it came off that way.  I would never write about any of my classmates or what they said or wrote.  When I wrote the post, it felt like the confidentiality didn't apply to the instructor giving us advice about how we should think about ourselves as writers.  No ill will intended for sure.

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