Monday, March 28, 2011

Poorly Timed Epiphanies

This week my two year old is on Spring Break from his little Montessori school.  Picture crowds of small people in swimming diapers with floppy baby hats and sunglasses on the beach with their blankies and water wings. 

Obviously, I'm not a fan of Spring Break for toddlers, especially when I still have to pay for the week and it doesn't coincide with Spring Break for my older kids.  Toddlers need consistency, especially my toddler.  All weekend he has been talking about how he does not have school today.  He is definitely confused by it.  I am too. 

I enrolled my little man in his little school so I could have a solid three uninterupted hours to write three days a week.  Last week I didn't feel like writing, but I trudged through.  This week, it is unlikely I will have time to write anything but this.  Our minds being as they are, this is the day I had an early morning epiphany, actually two, about how two of my new stories should go.  The missing details of the plot that I couldn't see last week, that made me not want to write and avoid it completely, are completely clear today.  I could write for eight hours today.  I could dump one or both stories out right now... 

...except that my second alarm, the one for my middle child, will be going off in ten minutes.  Shortly after that, the stir in the hushed house will wake up my toddler, no matter how late he went to bed, how tired he is, or how quiet we are. 

Lately when I try to write, he tries to "help" me by commandeering the unattached keyboard to my laptop.  So I stand to write and type on the build-in keyboard while he sits in my computer chair.  We pretend he's making the words.  This is OK for writing a little quip or two on Facebook, but not at all good for writing a novel.

Maybe I can kick it old school today and break out a notebook and a pen.  I could give my little guy a notebook of his own and a fat crayon so he can write too.  I think he would like that a lot, but I'm still not sure how much I will be able to concentrate.  One of my stories is sinister.  The other is tragic.  Neither are the kind of story I would tell my baby, so I can't really weave it out loud while rocking my little guy, the way I would write a children's story.

The best I can do is jot down notes from my 7:00 AM epiphany and hope it all makes sense whenever I can get to it.  Maybe it's a perfect day to write a children's story with my little guy complete with silly rhymes and a song.  Maybe it will be about a little guy that won't get his little hands off his mom's computer...something like that.

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