Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Optimism

Spring is definitely here.  My daffodils have bloomed.  Little purple, delicate blooms appeared yesterday on the ground cover that used to surround the Buddha statue in my garden.  My statue was the thin Buddha in a zazen pose, not a fat Buddha whose belly you would want to rub.  Over the winter, it got covered in snow and ice.  It's head popped off.  I think tomorrow I will go on a quest for a new praying Buddha.  Maybe a stone statue will last longer. 

Yesterday, I was able to clean, do laundry, write a chapter, and take care of removing some of the dead flowers from last year that remained in my garden.  My ten year old advised me I should have taken care of that in the fall.  I told him I thought maybe the sunlight that hit the dead remains would make the plants strong.  He told me that wasn't logical; photosynthesis only occurs in live plants.  Maybe so.  I told him this year he should help me clear the garden as soon as the plants die.  He acted like he didn't hear me, but I know he will help if I ask.  He's a good kid.

My ten year old taught helped his two year old brother drive his "wee-woo" down the street.  My little guy calls anything that makes a siren (wee-woo) sound a wee-woo.  Santa Claus brought him a police wee-woo car that he can ride in and use his feet to power himself down the street Fred Flintstone style.  Until now, it was an inside toy - over the winter, my older son pushed his baby brother around the house in it looking for bad guys.

Yesterday, we put a bike helmet on the little guy and they soared down little hills - nothing scary.  My ten year old asked if they could walk across the street to ride on the private drive that wasn't as bumpy as the sidewalk.  He helped my little guy out of his car and they held hands crossing the street, pushing the car across.  It was priceless - I wish I had taken a picture. 

Today I plan to edit some stories.  A black cloud of doom is lingering over the sky in my back yard.  The sky in the front yard that I can see from my desk is starting to get gray.  So I won't work on gardening today.  Today I will edit.  I will edit as much as I can until my time runs out.  I hope the rain passes by soon.

My writing class resumes tonight after a short break.  I love the class and the connections with other writers, but I'm anxious as usual. 

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