Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Sunny Day

It looks like we will have one dry sunny day this week - it is today.  My garden is calling.  I am torn in different directions this morning with what to do with my remaining 2.5 hours - I want to keep my momentum up with my writing, am overwhelmed by my messy house to the point where I can't take it anymore, and my garden is calling.   

My desk faces a window, not right in front of me, but off to the side.  Somehow the window, which is too high for my baby to touch, has accumulated layers of fingerprints.  Who is touching my window with sticky fingers?  It is possible he could touch the lower window if he stands on his stool, which is his preoccupation lately.  But no way did he touch the upper part of the window without an accomplice. 

The outside world would be more of a distraction this morning if I could see it clearly.  On top of this, I am not sure I can easily make my way through the maze of my garage to find my gardening tools without hurting my foot on the concrete floor.  I like writing outside, but my chairs aren't set up yet and I would be too distracted by my gardening task list today to write outside. 

I will try to wait until this afternoon to garden, to clear the debris from the flower and vegetable beds, to pull the weeds that are already flourishing, and set up the outside chairs.  I have been waiting for this one warm day for so long - it would be silly to pass it up entirely.  So I will make a deal with myself to write one chapter - just one - maybe a quick one, clean that window and whatever else I can finish before my babes comes home from his morning school.  Then we can garden together, which will be super fun.  And if we can't get to the tools, we could at least go for a bike ride or play on our little playground in our backyard garden.

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