Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Getting into Writing Mode

Now that my semester is over, I am finding it more difficult to find time to work on my novel. The irony is my classes for last semester were very time-intensive. I easily spent 20 hours a week on homework and readings on top of 6 hours in class and another 5 hours driving to and from class.  Now that I don't have this obligation, I am writing less. I feel like I'm sucked into a vacuum of infinite housework and mommy-tasks.

Yesterday, I was looking at the calendar to schedule vacations and research trips. Written on the last day of May were the words, "Finish Part 3!"  Part 3 of my novel. I remember writing that goal and not being overly optimistic about it. I intentionally gave myself plenty of time so I would definitely meet that goal.

I'm still working on Part 1 (no exclamation mark here). I'm really happy with what I have written. My goal is to finish it - as in have it publication-ready. Part One is there (the parts of part one that are done). I just need to put the time into it.

Today is the day. I am going to work on it for one to two hours a day every day with no excuses. I'm going to do this despite the fact my husband is going to be traveling for four weeks very soon. I'm going to do it despite the fact my kids only have 7 days of school left. I'm going to do it despite the fact I wake up every morning with the feeling the house has somehow reset itself to a state of messiness no matter how much I cleaned the day before.

My new goal is to finish Part One by May 31.  I honestly will be happy if I don't meet that goal but am able to restore my momentum with this novel by working on it daily. I'll let you know on IWSG day how that went.


  1. Talk to friends about your novel. I have a friend who reads mine chapter by chapter ands he keeps me going. They're life savers!

  2. I know what you mean, Tonja. When the schedule isn't full, it makes it harder for us to plunk it and write. I'm off today so I'm trying to get some blog and commenting time in. But I also have the usual chores to do. But my writing time will come before that. Because if I don't choose to write before everything else, I'll be too pooped to later.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  3. They say busy people get things done. Set yourself that schedule and you can get it done!

  4. I make a writing schedule. All else can fall apart. I make it my priority. I'm trying to finish 1/2 a book by end of the month. lol But I should be pretty close.

  5. I think you should stop cleaning your house. That's what I did!
    If you think it's too dirty: MAKE THE CHILDREN CLEAN IT.
    I do that, too.

    I have also experienced that strange time phenomenon where the less time you have, the more you get done, and the more time you have, the more you fritter away.

    Not sure how that's going to work for me next year, when I'll no longer be a teacher.
    Or self-employed? Depends on how you look at it, and whether or not I can write productively when I have all day!

  6. It is understandable why you don't get to your novel. You are busy and your brain probably just wants to rest. I hope you get some writing done and that you will enjoy the little free time you have at the moment. All the best and I am cheering for you.

  7. Isn't that strange how in a time crunch you manage to fit it in and when there is more time, it suddenly becomes really difficult? I think it has to do with routine, and with a sense of urgency (if I don't do it now, I won't get it done!)

    I pretty much stopped cleaning, too. I will endorse that suggestion. It just gets dirty again.