Saturday, May 25, 2013

On Relaxation . . .

Just a few weeks ago, my kids and I agreed to have an energetic summer. 

Instead of renting a beach house, we decided to buy kayaks.  I bought a book that details the walking paths at 60 or so parks in driving distance from our house.  We decided to start with the closest and hike at least one of them once a week.  We made a gigantic list of things to do:  putt-putt golf, amusement parks, bike rides, camping, etc.

And then one of my children got sick.  And the other is sick.  Both have different things and nothing that will likely send them to the Spirit in the Sky, but at least one of them will need lots of weeks of rest.

So we're going to have a lazy summer. 

We're going to read lots of books and relax at the pool (we will drive instead of walking).  We will play putt-putt golf but will stop at hole three for an ice cream cone and a rest.  It will be a summer of video games and lazy walks and movies. 

I will write and edit lots of words, but my kids need to come first.  If we get kayaks, they may need to be the two-man variety so the sickest child can kick her feet up and relax like a princess while the rest of us get into shape. 

I will learn to relax and slow down and live in the moment.  I may even learn how to work the PS3 (or whatever it is . . . maybe not). 

We are going to have to figure out a way to find the positive in every day, which may make it the best summer ever (except for the sickness and the worry). 

I don't plan to be here much if at all.  I hope you have the best summer ever too . . . but without the sickness and the worry.


  1. Tonya, sounds like you have the right attitude already! There are always alternatives and you've come up with some good ones.
    Hope your daughters recovers quickly.

  2. I'd say you're off to a good start by finding alternatives. Catch up on books and movies. Would either sick child like a journal - something they could draw or doodle in while in bed? Blank ones allow for drawing and writing.

    We have had some great summers by visiting local things, and doing day trips. (whatever the illness will allow)Good Luck!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry that your kids are sick -- and one needing lots of weeks of rest. :(

    I hope that the recovery goes smoothly and you all can find enjoyment in quiet, non-taxing summer activities. Reading beside the pool is a winner.

  4. I hope your kids feel better as quickly as possible!

  5. Wonderful post. I love how you so easily switched gears to make sure you all have a wonderful spirit despite the falling out of your first plan. May it be a wonderful time, and your family get and remain healthy and fit for the summer.