Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Miracles

I'm not a very churchy person.  But I do believe in miracles, the small ones, the ones you can miss if you don't pay attention.

-The smell of rain on a spring morning.
-The sound of giggles from my boys when they are being silly.
-The first cup of coffee every morning.
-The feel of a hot shower.
-The occasional smile on my teenager's face.
-Every step I take (after two years of not being able to walk easily).
-Each of my children (after being told I couldn't have any).
-My sweet husband (after I vowed I would never get remarried).
-The thing where ideas for stories keep coming (mostly in the hot shower after a cup of coffee).

What small miracles (small or big) have you seen?

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This post is part of the 2012 A to Z Challenge.


  1. You have huge miracles - how lovely. The small buds on the trees now in Spring, that's my miracle.

  2. Doesn't matter the size - they are still miracles.
    And my wife will always be my biggest earthly miracle.

  3. All great miracles. And I'm with you on the one about seeing a smile on my teenager's face. It's such a difficult age. Always makes me happy to see him in a good mood.

  4. I love those small daily miracles :)

    Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 14 days already.Hope you’re enjoying the challenge so far!
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  5. Beautiful post. I agree with you, I'm not very churchy either but I definitely believe in miracles. Love your examples.

  6. I really like your miracles! *sigh*

  7. Very sweet post! Everyday is a miracle.

  8. Miracles surround us if we but have the ability to recognize them. Great post!

  9. I swear in life its the little things. Wonderful post.

  10. These are the kinds I believe in, too. For me, being able to pay the bills and provide for my family are daily miracles.

  11. Perfect list. Those are all things to be grateful for daily.

    I believe I see small miracles every day. On the lighter side, sometimes it's when that speeding car doesn't hit me on the freeway. :)

  12. Those are wonderful miracles.
    I like hearing boy giggles too!

  13. Those small miracles make life worth celebrating.

  14. This was the best blog to stumble on today. I am overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out by my deteriarting sight and being all whiney. I needed a smack about the little miracles.

    Small miracles - when my partner walks in and there is a warm smile on his face as he swoops down and gives me a kiss and calls me Petal
    -when it rains in the middle of a summer day and the sun still shines
    -when I find a Fireweed flower in my yard (they used to be EVERYWHERE in AK but another weed has taken over so the Pink that is ALL about AK is slowly disappearing)
    my M post!

    1. Oh Tonja thanks for replying to my post!! I wanted to let you know that the beans will work for vegans all you do is opt out on the bacon and add the liquid smoke! My fiance was vegetarian for ever so I had to do variations all the the time! I tried cooking them on the stove after the quick soak and it was STILL a fail, you have to email me and tell me WHAT your secret is!!

  15. More miracles:

    -the determination of my preschooler to sleep in mismatched socks (our teen's socks never match)

    -the smell of our puppy AFTER his bath

    -the excitement of my daughter when we let her drive tonight

    -the gift of all of your comments when I'm doing such a terrible job of keeping up.

    Have a greaat day off. I really appreciate all your comments.

  16. Greetings!

    Hope you are enjoying the challenge

    I see the miraculous take place in my life often and I am amazed! Not only that I am so grateful and thankful!

    Here are just a few miraculous things:

    -Having a positive attitude when things come my way
    -Seeing myself now in comparison to where I use to be
    -Seeing my shortcomings and how I need to grow
    -being patient with other peoples shortcomings
    -Realizing that I am blessed and always have been
    -seeing the hand of God in all things
    - knowing that all things really do work for the good
    -knowing that something carries me when I feel I simply can't go on

    Thank God for miracles! With out them - I know where I would be.

  17. Great post. I love miracles. I am seeing miracles in this springtime--the swirl of pink against the sidewalk, the dusting of pollen on my car (which requires a miracle drug to help my allergies!), the swoops and calls of the birds. And of course, my tea, biscuits, and a good book is miraculous any time!

  18. These are miracles that I really like, actually. I'm not a churchy person either.

  19. I got a kick out of seeing the "occasional smile" on your teenager's face! I didn't realize that you had trouble walking for such a long period of time. Hope you're improving more everyday. This is a great post that really puts everything into perspective! Julie

  20. Small or large, whenever I witness a miracle, I always try to seize the moment.

    Great post, thank you.