Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I was hoping to have a short story completed and polished to submit today for Write1Sub1, an endeavor intended to encourage writers of short stories to write and submit one story a month (weekly for people more Type A than me). 

Earlier in the month, I had a little bit of anxiety about it.  I wanted to submit a story by today because I said I would.  I told my kids I would.  More than anything, I want my kids to have the self-discipline and belief in themselves to do the things they set out to do in life.  I hate being a bad example.

But the truth is my kids could give a crap if I write a novel or a short story as long as I'm writing.  They are proud of me for writing, for continuing to write and edit because it's what I love to do without regard for what anyone else thinks about that endeavor (not that anyone would be critical of us writers).  They think I'm cool, even the teenager.

So I took the little Write1Sub1 button off my sidebar.  I'm not considering this a failure, just a change in priorities.  I made huge progress on my novel over the last two weeks instead of interrupting novel writing for random story writing. 

For February, I will continue to work on my novel, full steam ahead.


  1. I think it's great to give yourself permission to do what you gotta do. And it's great that your kids get to see you working consistently on something like a novel with an end goal.

  2. That's not failure - you simply changed goals!

  3. LG - I think it's cool that my kids are so supportive.

    Alex - It really doesn't feel like failure. I will likely write the stories later in the year.

  4. That's great.

    Today I'm feeling blah....so I'm going to be reading mostly. My energy is off kilter.

  5. Shelly - I hope you feel better.

  6. I've had to change course too when one project demanded immediate attention. Go for it.

  7. That is A-ok. I think sometimes we think we aren't writers if we aren't writing in every Nanomobo or whatever thing that's going on. Frankly, I think it's a good way to get distracted! Just do your thing, girl.

  8. That's awesome! Sometimes the things we need to (and want to do) mean we need to let go of other things. Good luck on the novel!

  9. Susan - I think it's a good choice for me. No regrets.

    Melissa - 'Nanomobo' - so true. I do want to stay on course with this novel. :)

    Laura - Thank you!