Monday, January 30, 2012

Mommy Monday

It's Monday.  Monday morning with three kids is normally pure chaos.  Monday is also a writing day for me.  It's the day I try very hard to complete as much as I can of my weekly writing goal because, well, I  have kids and you just never know when one of them is going to throw up or crack their head or have a friend crisis that supersedes my writing needs. 

Today seems different, amazingly peaceful.  Maybe it's because I got a lot of writing done over the weekend and don't feel like I'm in catch-up mode, my normal mode for Mondays.  I'm glad I'm caught up on my writing - this week is less about me and what I need to get done and more about my kids. 

Later this week, my oldest is testing for her temps.  Eeek.  I lost her social security card about ten years ago.  It turns out she needs it this week or she can't test.  I managed to get her to the social security office just under the wire to get the document she needs.  I also had my hand on her student ID (also needed to take the test) - I sort of remembered putting it somewhere in her room or maybe somewhere not in her room.  I searched the house, and then we cleaned every inch of her bedroom - teenager bedroom, the kind that looks like the aftermath of an earthquake.  Just when we gave up on finding it and the room was sparkling clean, it was right there mocking us.  So this week, she gets to take her driving test.  We're both really excited about it.  I wish she could test today.

My middle son is having a birthday this week.  Yesterday I noticed he's almost as tall as me.  I'm short, but his dad is incredibly tall - I expect my son will loom over me by summer. 

My point is it's completely in my face today that my kids are growing up.  I know it's a cliche, but just a second ago, they were both babies.  One will be driving this week, and the other is turning into a man before my eyes.

Today I don't feel anxious about it - I feel peaceful and proud of them.  They are great kids, and I can't wait to see what they do with their lives.  I already know what kind of people they are - I don't think that changes when you get older unless something tragic happens.  My kids are cool, generous, understated, kind, funny, and perceptive individuals, awesome people to hang out with. 

I just wish they wanted to hang out with their mom more.  Lucky for me, I have one tiny person that likes to be my shadow.  He likes to be my "co-worker" and do whatever I'm doing.  I hope time slows down a little while he grows up.  Or just stops.


  1. I wish I could slow things down too but those little tykes just grow up so fast. Every day is a gift to be enjoyed.

  2. I only have one son and he'll be fifteen in February. Driving is only six months away for us too. I remember when he grew taller than me. I think I grieved a little bit for his childhood at that moment. He's awesome now and I love seeing how he's grown up, but I do sometimes miss having that little guy who gave me hugs all day.

  3. What a sweet post. My best to your daughter on her test this week. And happy birthday to your son.

  4. Life is always interesting with kids.

  5. Stephen - Maybe once my little one gets big, I'll have some grandbabies. It's funny - I was the one of all my friends that wasn't planning on having kids.

    Alex - Will do. My daughter's first time behind the wheel is probably a bigger deal than her first step.

    LG - It went to fast for my older ones. I'm going to get all the hugs I can get from my little one.

    M Pax - Thanks. :)

  6. Lynda - I agree, there's something every day.

  7. I've enjoyed every age my kids were. It has been fun watching them grow up.

    4 more years and the last one turns 18, and maybe I'll get a smidge of writing peace :)


  8. Donna - I know what you mean. I think I need the background noise and the pressure of knowing my time is limited to keep me writing.