Monday, December 12, 2011

Must Find Time to Write

I finally feel like writing again after an extended NaNoWriMo hangover (no alcohol involved). 

I started feeling excited about writing on Friday afternoon just before my husband very cautiously told me he had to work all weekend again.  Sound suspicious, I know, but he worked from home, suffering right in front of us in the family room.

For those of you without small children, one cannot write with a small person running around.  My husband normally attends to our little guy on the weekend so I can check out and write. 

The thing that makes me certain I should write is this: I'm kind of grouchy when I don't. 

I won't have time to write until this evening, but I have a plan of what to do.  I'm going to set aside my NaNo novel and resume writing a novel I started last spring just before my back and foot injury flared up. 

I don't like my NaNo novel.  I don't like it that I rushed through it.  I'm a very productive writer when I write the way I like to write.  I suppose it's good that I tried it, but I won't do it again.  If I can get through this month and get myself back on schedule, I think I'll find my happy writing groove again.

On a side note, my kids and I used up the bookstore gift card my dad gave us last week.  It seems I own every fiction book I want.  Same is true for my daughter and son.  My daughter and I bought history books (and then went to the movie store and bought historical movies and documentaries).  My middle son bought Legos - that's right, Legos at the bookstore.  And we picked out Thomas the Tank Engine books for my preschooler.  My little guy was so excited.  He said, "I want ALL of the Thomas Tank Engine books."  Now he has them all.



  1. I hear you. When I'm away from writing for too long, I don't like it. It means too much to me to sacrifice it, and I find some way to keep it in my schedule! That happy writing groove is a good place to be ...

  2. It's easy to fall out of the writing habit. Trust me!

  3. My brother buys Legos from Barnes & Noble all the time. And he's almost 37...

  4. I'm grouchy when I don't write too. And I didn't get to write all weekend. Grrr.

  5. I understand the NaNo hangover and the little kid distraction. I'm glad you are writing again.

  6. Joanne - That's great you can make the time!

    Alex - Very true.

    Grumpy - You can never be too old for Legos, right? I assume he's single...

    LG - I'm waiting for the kids to go to bed.

    Ciara - Thanks.

  7. It's good to find out how you write best. So, it was a valuable thing to learn.

    At B&N? I noticed they have a toy section now. The Nook section is huge now, too.

  8. I so know what you mean! Our daughter is almost two, and I absolutely cannot write when she's running around. I treasure the time my husband spends with her, because it means I can get in a few pages. Good luck with your book!

  9. M Pax - It is good to know, it was just a painful process to find out what doesn't work. They had Star Wars and Lego toys everywhere.

    Caryn - Mine is three, but doesn't play alone for long. He likes to take over my keyboard (not attached to the laptop) so he can help me write.