Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Acceptance (or not)

In my December Insecure Writer's post, I talked about how I got a disappointing reaction from a family member when I announced I finished a novel.  Yesterday, that same person told me how proud they are of me, and how they've been telling everyone how accomplished I am.

Wonderful, isn't it? 

It would be, except this person told me she's so proud that I'm going to graduate school so I can be a college professor.  I'm not.

I probably mentioned I would like to teach writing in the long run and am considering doing it.  I'm reading some awesome medieval literature to refresh my memory just in case I can do it later.  But it's definitely not something I'm doing now.  I'm not enrolled.  I haven't applied.  It's absolutely not something that's going to happen before my babes starts all-day school (in three and a half years).

I'm writing now.  That's it.  (I know you all know how huge that is.)

Luckily, I'm old enough that I can only laugh at this conversation and file it away in my mind so one of my characters can have a similar conversation a family member.  I am very proud that I had no reaction - no flushed face, no headache, no crinkled forehead, no emotional response during the conversation at all.  I just listened and didn't respond at all.  

I'm happy to report that I'm back in writing mode.  I cleaned my desk last night and then jumped back into a novel I started last spring.  I read it, edited it, and am excited to work on it some more today.


  1. I try not to talk about writing to people I know in real life. It gets too awkward.

  2. People hear only what they want to hear...

  3. Man, those family things can be so tricky. I had about 6 years I waited tables. During part of it I was in grad school and my mom ALWAYS focused on that, even though it was only active for 2 of those 6 years.... she was mortified I was waiting tables. They definitely focus on what THEY think success is. Wait until you are published--they everyone will be all proud, not having a CLUE what goes into it all ahead of time.

  4. That's pretty hilarious. Someone's getting coal in their stocking. :P

  5. Congratulations on getting back in writer mode and with the progress. On the other note, you are a much better person than me, because I would have said something to that friend. Guess I am still a bit immature on that front. But you should be really proud of yourself and yes, just writing can be really great. In fact it is awesome. Good for you.

  6. It's a really good feeling to be deep in a work in progress, especially if it's just being edited. I'm proud of you, you seem like a real finisher of things. I'm more of a beginner of things.

  7. Alex - True.

    Hart - Actually, I don't think getting published will cut it either. I'm OK with that. I know a younger guy that waits tables and is going to nursing school. It's clear his parents are mortified he wants to be a nurse - they tell everyone he's working at a restaurant. :)

    LG - Definitely on the naughty list.

    Murees - Thanks! I'm getting to the point where I can see where it wouldn't have made a difference if I did speak up.

    Rusty - I'm better at beginnings too. I have a stack of manuscripts with outlines at my elbow and about fifty half-read books on my shelf.