Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Last night I wrote plenty.  I got a little past 3,600 words.  I added the word count to my chart on the NaNoWriMo site, which made me happy.  There's nothing better than a graph showing you are ahead of schedule.

And then I got a headache. 

I woke up with a full migraine again - my fourth day in a row, a record for me.  I gave up today and didn't get out of bed until very late this afternoon. 

The guys digging down the street started to dig up my yard with loud machines outside my window, which made my head hurt worse.  This evening, I had to go to a parent teacher-conference, one where they were all happy with my child, but I was not happy with them.  And I had the look on my face of someone that's had a migraine for four days.

Today I am not writing.  I am allowing myself to shut down and check out. 

Tomorrow my babes comes first during the day and my older kids after school.  I will write when and if I can, but it's definitely dropped on my list of priorities.

Picture of the day:  Gloomy trees.


  1. I hate migraines!! Something that helps me: laying down in a dark QUIET room with an ice pack under my neck for 10-15 minutes. The ice pack makes a big difference. Good luck!

  2. Dark and quiet is all I can stand. I haven't tried ice packs. Will try that.

    I'm starting to blame my new BP meds.