Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Search of A Theme

I have been wondering lately if I want to continue on with random thoughts on this blog or go with a stronger theme.  It seems like a good idea to write about a particular topic or two. 

Writing would be the obvious choice, but I don't feel particularly qualified to give writing advice to people who read this, mostly people who are writers themselves. 

I often write here about the experience of being a parent, but I definitely am no expert at that either.  Posts on parenting probably carry my narrative voice and sound more like my fiction than my writing on other topics.  But no one wants parenting advice - I certainly don't.  When anyone calls themselves an expert on parenting, I immediately doubt them and assume they are absolutely full of crap. 

I'm a junior gardener and like working in my yard.  I have magical powers with a tomato plant.  And I'm an expert at destroying crabgrass.  But I can tell you the secret in one line: 

Dig it up down to the root, throw it away, and reseed repeatedly, but never in August. 

I used to be somewhat of an expert on software and database development, websites, and business process improvement - but, well, I don't do that now for a reason.  I assume all of you would run fast from a post with any of these titles:
  • Database Normalization
  • How to Create an XML Grammar
  • How to Get the Business Requirements Out of End Users Who Are Terrified (And Rightly So) Your Application Will Eliminate Their Job
Maybe How to Know if an Application with Eliminate Your Job would be a more popular title? 

I'll remain themeless for now, write about whatever I feel like, and hope you feel like reading it. 

By the way - zero NaNo words this weekend, but I am so very close to finishing the edits on my previous novel.  I can't say how excited I am!!


  1. Write about your passions, whatever they might be! (That's what I finally settled on for my blog.) Your enthusiasm will come through in your words.

  2. You know. I enjoy your blog because it's real. It's all about your ups and downs with your life and writing. We all have them.

  3. I run into that same problem. I still don't think I have a theme; my posts are usually about some form of writing but, mostly just random things.

    I'm not participating in Nano; but I say "Awesome" to anyone who makes the effort.