Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Monsters and Rhapsody

I was at Grumpy Bulldog's blog this morning where he linked to a REM video.  I hadn't seen that video but love this version of the same song, well sort of:

I was feeling down this morning, so down I didn't feel like writing, until I played the furry happy monster video and then found this little gem:

Now I'm all good. 


  1. I liked the old Muppets, though I don't think I'll go watch the new one because most all of the voices will be different so it'll just be weird.

  2. Nothing like Muppets to lift your spirits!

  3. lol!! Love the last line on the Bohemian Rhapsody.

  4. Lynda - My favorite part is when Animal (the drummer guy - I think that's his name) says Mama over and over and then 'Daddy?' Priceless.