Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Support Group and Awards

Alex J Cavanaugh is hosting the first monthly Insecure Writer's Support Group blogfest tomorrow.  It will be a monthly group hug that will be felt like a tremor in the universe.  I just checked - one hundred people are posting words of encouragement and empathy tomorrow.

M Pax at Wistful Nebulae is offering a You Guys Rock award to her loyal followers.  I am definitely a loyal follower, so I accept.


Bryce at The Bryce Daniels Preservation Society kindly re-awarded me the Liebster award.  I award it right back.  He would have been the top on my list the first time, but I thought he had a huge number of followers.  I think we don't need to follow the rules since it's our second.  Bryce has been MIA for a couple of weeks - hopefully he was able to complete his manuscript and isn't being held hostage by the Poet.  (I realize this makes no sense until you read his blog.)  I'm kind of worried and definitely miss him.

Put together, these three individuals, Alex, M Pax, and Bryce make the blogging community a community for me.  Hopefully they can feel the group hug. 

I am terrible about accepting awards - there's one more to go...later this week maybe.


  1. I like group hugs! Congratulations. And Poet likes to cause trouble for Bryce, doesn't he?

  2. Alex - Me too. I'm very interested to see what everyone will write about tomorrow.

  3. Don't forget your One to Follow award. :D

  4. M Pax - I read and appreciated your comment on your blog, but I didn't realize you passed it on. (I am a overtired from the 5 AM alarm.) Thank you so much!!