Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Haiku Kind of Weekend

My daughter is a fantastic writer, but she doesn't want to be told what to write and doesn't want to read her words aloud, especially if she didn't get to choose the subject or poetic form.

Her assignment this weekend for her sophomore English class is to write five short, haiku-like poems.  She has a long list of onomatopoetic words she and her classmates are encouraged to use in their tiny poems.  It is very likely she will have to read one in class.  Did I mention she's a perfectionist?

So a somewhat simple assignment has been made very difficult because she's fighting it and will not be satisfied until it feels perfect to her. 

I, on the other had, am excited and want to do it too.  I really need to write four new chapters, the ones I've been putting off, so this is an excellent diversion for me.

Every day of this long weekend, I am going to sit outside or go for a walk with my daughter and observe nature with composition books and word list in hand.  I'm confident by the end of the weekend, we will have a collection together of twenty or more.  

Too bad she's unwilling to write five poems about how much she hates this assignment.  She would be done in three minutes.

I need to look up haiku format now that I figured out how to spell it.  Have a great weekend!   


  1. Maybe she should at least write one on why she hates it!

  2. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. My kid has asked me to take him about a hundred different places and asked for about a hundred dollars. Sigh. I wish he would stay home and write poetry.

  3. @Alex - You would think that would be easy, apparently nothing is today.

    @Rusty - Actually, your day sounds like fun!

  4. You could always bribe her. Haiku's are super simple. Like bribe her with a cupcake or something.

  5. @Michael - Chocolate chip cookies and a promise to go see a movie. OK, maybe the 'rewards' - that's what good mommies call them - were more for me than her. This haiku day is starting to suck.

  6. good luck with this assignment. I hope you share your writing.

  7. sounds like a great assignment for both of you! Have fun with it :)

  8. @Keena and Lynda - She got her assignment done quickly to get it over with. Like ripping off a band-aid.