Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Novel Films Blogfest: Day 3

My Kids' Favorite - Harry Potter:

Last night, I asked my kids what their favorite movie/book combo is.   They said in unison, Harry Potter

I hated the movies.  I really didn't sit long through any of them although I purchased several of them at my kids' request. 

A couple of weeks ago, I told my son I would read Harry Potter I with him.  The agreement was this: when he reads a chapter, I will read it too.  My daughter would also reread it.  Then we would watch the movie all together with popcorn and candy. 

My son is almost done.  Now that he's started it, he needs no motivation to read it. 

I just finished Chapter One.  That's right.  But not because I didn't love it - just because I've been busy.  I actually found it to be brilliant.  The opening chapter was really well done. 

Without reading the rest (I will because I promised), I'm going to say the Harry Potter books are phenomenally well written.  After I read the first book, I think the movie may be more interesting to me.  I wonder how they handled in the movie what happened in Chapter One....


  1. I need to read one someday. :)

  2. Or just the first chapter....

  3. The movies were pretty dodgy for the most part. Especially the early ones with the TERRIBLE child acting. I mean, some kids CAN act. These ones were pretty crap. hehe

  4. You are in for a treat. Hubby and I loved all 7 books. The first films are essentially children's films, for obvious reasons, but the later ones are really gripping.:O)

  5. Trisha - funny.

    Madeleine - My husband loved the books too. Thanks for hosting.