Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Thank You and Vacation Day 4


First, a thank you to Blogdramedy for hosting Blog Shorts for June.  I had a very fun time writing the 30-word chihuahua stories (except one or two).   It helped to break me out of a creative rut I have been in for a while.  By week two, I developed an odd habit of writing exactly thirty words (without having to edit) as if that were natural.  Funny how adaptable we are. 

Vacation Day 4

Yesterday, I got a call from my doctor.  The EMG showed a serious problem in my sciatic nerve and L5, which they think is the cause of the foot pain I have endured for the last 20 months.  The MRI showed a problem with L1 and L2.  Super.  Now I get to go to a neurosurgeon, which sounds like the last guy you want to be referred to.  When I found out I have full a month to wait before I can get in to see him, I started to have mixed emotions about it and now wish I could see him today no matter how much it hurts.

So our vacation is definitely on hold - at least for me.  We had a great time hanging out yesterday.  My husband put the glider together for our swingset, the boys played in the sand, and the big kids went on a 4 mile bike ride.  After the bike ride, the older kids were too tired for amusement parks, so my husband took my toddler.  They had a wonderful time.  The little guy announced his legs were too tired to walk anymore well before the fireworks went off.  I declare yesterday a success.  Everyone had fun, and there was really no conflict.

Today, is zoo day.  We have zoo passes.  No way in hell can I endure the 40 minute drive to get there or being pushed in a wheelchair over a bumpy path when I can barely endure just sitting here typing.  So the kids and my husband are going to go and take pictures for me so I can pretend I was there.  I will take enjoyment in their enjoyment.

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