Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog Short 30: Chihuahua Gets Vicious

I want to keep him.  He won't eat the baby, now-ex-husband argued.

Find him another home, I urged.

We can't.  He's too vicious.

But not too vicious for our baby?

The End (Literally)


This post is part of the BlogShorts Challenge June 2011. 30 stories ~ 30 words ~ 30 days


  1. Now you're got me the dog staying or going? ;-)

    It's been great fun having you join in as a brief blogger for this months' BlogShorts. Everyone did a brilliant job and it was fun to meet new bloggers.

    BlogShorts will be back later in the year with a different theme. Hope you join in! :-)


  2. Dog and the husband definitely went. No babies were gobbled up by crazed petite dogs.

    Thanks for hosting this. It was definitely fun. I enjoyed everyone else's stories too.