Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whirlpool of Discontent

Now I know the other day I said I would decide to be more positive.  That's a lot like saying you will definitely go on a diet today while someone is making you chocolate chip cookies.  I guess I just need to let the negative, if that's what it is, flow through me.

There's a Buddhist principle that we are each a water drop flowing in a current, often trapped in a whirlpool that's not of our choice.  If you struggle against the whirlpool, it's useless.  If you struggle against the current that takes you away from your very familiar whirlpool, that energy is wasted too. 

It is better to feel what you feel and live in the moment even if the moment sucks.  That's part of the human experience and is what God has given us.  So today I will marinate in my bad attitude and hope something comes of it.  I suspect an awesome story line is right under the surface of my mind and will pop out soon if I give it some quiet time.

Do not join me in my little whirlpool of discontent.  I think I'll be out of it soon. 

Maybe I'll write my way out of it.  Maybe I will only write again when it passes.  At least I got my desk clean and am ready to go when I feel like it....

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