Monday, May 9, 2011

Slow Progress

This weekend, three out of three kids were sick.  Two woke up Sunday morning with goopey eyes.  They got in my bed where they were planning on bringing me mother's day breakfast and laid there while I worked forever on ungluing the ick from their eyelids.  My older one slept it off and was goop-free. 

My little one was sick all last week and was only able to go to his little morning school one day.  I only got a break one morning - I used that morning to clean and didn't make a dent in the gigantic mess. 

I want to say with complete optimism that I will write today.  But I think I need a morning to recover.  I need a rest.  I need a break.  I need some down time.  Maybe if I keep my mind quiet today, I will have the mental whatever it is tomorrow to jump back into my novel tomorrow. 

When I look at the schedule over the next month - the last month of school for my older kids - it is very full.  There will be no time for evenings at the coffee shop.  All I will have are three quiet mornings, three hours a day, nine hours a week, for me.   I think I will regret it if I sleep it away.

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