Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Hour at a Time

I am having a very difficult week.  The only thing keeping me sane is taking it one hour at a time.  What do I need to do this hour?  Much better than:  holy crap how am I going to get through this week?

My happy feeling yesterday left around 5:00 when I realized we needed to leave in 15 minutes for a soccer game, but I forgot to put the uniform in the dryer.  And the little guy pooped every 10 minutes for 30 minutes.  Teenage drama became suddenly more overwhelming than changing diapers four times in 30 minutes.  Soccer kid had to run to get his cleats checked.  Toddler needed to be carried through the mud.  Second chair was apparently broken.  Mud up to our knees.  After the game, we let the babes play on the playground (the only way I could get him to sit still on my lap for a very long game), which he insisted was the wrong playground - while he pooped again and ran to the men's room.  Did I mention I can't run?  Luckily, he went to the wrong door, which was locked.  I would have had no choice but to walk into the men's room to get him.

Tonight will likely be a replay of yesterday.

And tomorrow the same. 

But I can't think of that now. Now I need to vacuum.


  1. kids! take a big breath, go slow.

  2. Life can be so crazy. One moment at a time's all we can ever do, right?

  3. Been having troubles leaving comments. But sounds like a tough day. Hugs.