Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am Thankful

I am thankful for little things today, and some big things too.

I am thankful that the wind missed our house.  A table blew over on our deck, but a half-empty bottle of bubbles was untouched on the front porch, as was everything else. 

I'm thankful we didn't lose our electricity, although that wouldn't have been the end of the world - we had one working flashlight and my two-year-old volunteered to be in charge of it.

I am thankful we have a basement with lots of diversions so my boys weren't so nervous.

I am thankful it wasn't raining this morning, so my big kids didn't need to get drenched waiting for the bus. They apparently have some sort of phobia and/or allergic reaction to things like umbrellas and raincoats that repel rain.

I am thankful I got my little guy to school on time and that I have three hours to clean or write or just go back to sleep and recharge my body.

I am thankful for the quiet of my house right now. 

And I'm thankful my husband is safe on his journey today.

I feel guilty saying it, but I'm thankful that my son's soccer game tonight (rescheduled twice due to rain) will likely be rained out for the third time.  I am thankful for the possibility of a relaxing Saturday game and the possibility to rest my foot tonight.

I am thankful that my toddler reminded me last night that he has not thrown a full-blown extremely dramatic on the floor screaming and kicking hysterical fit in a really, very long time.  We agreed that was wonderful.

I am thankful today for the small things - for the fact my jeans fit this morning for the first time in weeks, for having a plan for dinner, and for the potential to take a very long nap with my two-year-old this afternoon (if I make it that long).  I'm thankful for the cup of coffee I'm going to make now and for the potential I have to write another chapter this morning.

Thank you, God.

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