Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Old...Or Just Feeling Old

Today I have a doctor's appointment.  I have a 7 point list of things that I need to talk to him about.  I need a list because I have a terribly bad memory.  I'm only 42.  I can't imagine how badly broken and worn out my body will be at 52. 

On the up side, I lost 4 pounds over the last two or three weeks.  Four pounds is four percent of the first ten I have to lose to potentially (hopefully) feel healthy again.  (It's only a tiny percentage of the total but I'm not saying that out loud.) 

And at least I am keeping a sense of humor about it.  By the way, I just added one more think to my list of maladies - now there's eight.


  1. Best of luck! I hope you feel better soon. Come share your favorite blogs!

  2. Best of luck! Remember, the first and last ten are the worst pounds to shed. So, once you get through those- you'll be on the right track. Keep your head up and yourself laughing; it's the best way to go about it :)


  3. Woot on the weight loss. That memory thing ... omg. It's always playing with me. You start realizing, have to write things down. There are things I love about being 40, but the body does some strange things. I found yoga to be a fountain of youth.

  4. I too have to lose some weight. I hope the doctors apointment went well.

    I think you are awesome so I awarded you the versatile blogger award. Please come to my blog and collect your reward. Hope this cheers you up.

  5. Thanks everyone for all the support. Oopsy - 4 pounds is 40 percent (not 4 percent) of the first ten pounds. That's much better....

    As for my memory issue - I forgot my purse on the way to the doctor. I swear I had it. I also forgot breakfast. But then I remembered to write down memory issues on my list of maladies.

    @Murees - thank you. I actually have one - I moved them to an awards page but apparently never finished it. :)