Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Umbrella

This morning, my husband tried to get my boys to the car to take one to school and one to daycare.  They each had a backpack to manage.  It has been raining forever, day after day after day, and was raining this morning too.  My grass is very high - no doubt in violation of the HOA rules.  I'm sure there's a letter in the mail for me.  I regret using the fertilizer - it really did make the grass grow.

My boys were wearing hoodies and shoes not really meant to get wet, but they walked through the tall, wet grass anyway.  My husband gave the two-year-old an oversized, black umbrella.  The-two-year old would not give it up.  So my-ten-year old squatted under it with him to walk through the tall, wet grass to the car. 

My ten-year-old is so sweet and has amazing character.  I hope my two-year-old is watching him closely.


  1. My No-No is second in the birth line and still believes others should wait on her hand and foot. Good luck. They're all different.

  2. Some people have sweet natures right from the get-go. It's lovely to have these little vignettes to look at in the quiet moments.

  3. he is indeed a sweet child. I hope he doesn't lose this quality as he gets older.
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!


  4. My kids are spaced very far apart - 4.5 years for the first two and 8 years between the last two. I think it really helps the littler one to have a bigger brother or sister that's a lot older. My kids are very nurturing to the younger ones. The young ones look up to the big ones. I am confident my middle son popped out sweet but also learned to be kind when his sister was so kind to him.