Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, I was wondering out loud what T-word I should write about today.  My daughter said, "Tomorrow.  Write about procrastination." 

The funny thing is that when she said tomorrow, I didn't at all think about what I can put off until tomorrow.  I thought about hope for tomorrow, the things we can do tomorrow that we didn't have time for today, and what things I can do better tomorrow. 

Today I will try to have a better day than yesterday.  Today I will try to do all the things that will make me feel happy when I wake up tomorrow. 


  1. Funny how today is yesterday's tomorrow. I could very tangled in this.

  2. @Stephanie V - Yes and how my daughter is perpetually putting off until tomorrow and I am perpetually planning for tomorrow. For today, on Easter morning, I will just worry about today.

  3. What a great perspective to have about today. One day at a time--that's all we can ever really take on, and I always remind myself that I can take each moment as it comes and still hope for the beauty that tomorrow can bring.