Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Time For Distractions

Here's the thing.  The time my life allots me to write is very limited.  I don't have the luxury to procrastinate.  I have a choice of what to do with exactly two hours today - part of which I have chosen to share with you - I can write, edit, or break a sweat exercising.  Usually I choose to write or to edit.  My ever-growing butt is proof of that.

Yesterday, I made a decision not to write.  I wrote here, but I'm not really counting that.  I was feeling sorry for myself over the public reading, so I didn't write.  I'm over it now.  Today I write.  Time is ticking away, and I have one hour less than I thought I would due to that damned time change that took me completely by surprise today.

The dishes, laundry, dirty house, children, and husband will wait only two hours.  Two hours of peace and creativity just for me....

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