Sunday, March 20, 2011


I feel this huge disconnect today.  I feel a million miles away from people around me. 

It's the first day of spring.  Everyone is out. I am in.

I went clothes shopping this evening with my daughter and definitely connected with her.  I feel close to my husband and my boys - but no one else.  

We just got some very fantastic news, but the happiness of it passed very quickly.  Too quickly.  I had no one to tell.

I don't usually feel this way.  Maybe being thrown into a crowd of people on Friday for jury duty and really enjoying the conversation and personalities followed immediately by being alone again at home is making me feel a little lost. 

I feel happyish lately - happier than normal.  Maybe not happy at all compared to other people, but happy for me - content and completely aware of all of my blessings.  I definitely feel blessed - and disconnected. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I have a fun idea for a very sinister story I can't wait to write.

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