Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Optimism

This morning as I drink the remains of my cup of coffee and my house is so unusually quiet approaching 11:00 a.m., I feel very calmly optimistic.  This morning I have time to work on my story.  My husband asked me what time slot today I would like without me having to ask what works for him.  That to me was an act of love, and I totally appreciate it. 

As my husband plays in the basement with our baby, breaking out containers of play-doh and all the assorted play-doh tools, rollers, squeezers, and shape cutters were have accumulated over the years, I will write.  While my older kids chill out on a Sunday morning, I will write. 

We had a late night visitor last night, one of my sister-in-laws.  My husband and I were up until 2:00 a.m. talking with her and later taking to each other.  It was almost like a date with him yesterday.  The time with him talking with her, talking about anything but us, was very rejuvenating and was just what we needed - a little break from our life of just us, which isn't bad at all and is actually pretty amazing.  But the visit seemed to break the magic spell that had come over us that made us irritable and tired and absolutely sick of winter.

This afternoon, we get to visit the "school" my baby is so excited about attending, the school that will give me six to nine hours (I started to type minutes - it will likely feel like minutes) a week to write and/or do anything I need to take care of me. 

Life being as it is, this school may not be the right one for us - after all, we haven't seen it yet - we haven't met the teachers or the other children.  I'm hopeful but am not putting all my hopes in it.  My husband and I agreed this morning that if this school isn't the one, we will keep looking.  In the meantime, I need enough time to write one new chapter and edit one old one each week.  That's what I need at a minimum to continue to feel hopeful.  Just a little bit of hope is definitely what I need.  It somehow turns into energy.

I have energy this morning although I stayed up too late.  So it's time to write a chapter while I have time.

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